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29 Jan


Wendel Reed

January 29, 2013 | By |

Chairman of the Board:
Basic Resources

Wendell Reed is a graduate from University of California – Berkeley with a degree in civil engineering.

Wendell-ReedHe went to work for the Corps of Engineers in San Francisco for two years when he graduated from UC – Berkeley. While he was there he was responsible for the asphalt paving and materials specifications for the military installation projects at Castle Field – California, Dugway Proving Ground – Utah and Hickam Field – Hawaii.

Starting in 1944 when the business began, he worked summers for George Reed, Inc. on the back of the oil truck pulling levers while his father drove the oil truck.

When he left the Corp of Engineers in 1953, he was given a shovel and was told once you have mastered that piece of equipment you can have a rake. He had a rake within two weeks. The total sales for that year were $275,000 and we will be ending this year with sales over $300,000,000.

He is the Chairman of the Board of Basic Resources, Inc. His progressive approach has been to acquire businesses to compliment the overall Basic Resources philosophy for growth within the industry.

Philosophy for Growth – ”Everyday we try all the doors and if one is open we go through it.

Guiding Principle – ”There is nothing we are doing today that we can´t do better tomorrow. ”

He is an active participant in the industry and the community. In 1982 he was the President of Associated General Contractors of California. He is a Life Director of National Associated General Contractors, Chairman of the Salvation Army and a member of the Modesto Symphony, Modesto Rotary and Old Fisherman´s Club.

He is an avid collector of rare and vintage vehicles. He currently has collected 20 vintage vehicles ranging from Rolls-Royce to Mercedes with several Allards.