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17 Feb



Joint winter training with Twining Laboratories

February 17, 2016 | By | 3 Comments

George Reed and Twining Laboratories embark on their joint winter training season, covering all aspects of Material testing, HMA Plant inspection and production, Stockpile management, Crushing and Screening efficiencies, HMA density and placement inspection and various other important topics associated with Quality Control. Training began in November of 2015 and will conclude in March of 2016, a special thanks to Twining for hosting the first part of training this season!


  1. Yasir khan

    I wanted to know what kind training do you h Ave available

    • admin

      What are you looking to do?

      • admin

        GRI hires interns who work with us during the summer and learn the business.
        Our field personnel are union and are trained by their respective unions, we also have union apprentices.
        College graduates are brought on board and begin a several year training process.

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