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George Reed, Inc. provides summer internship opportunities to current college students enrolled in Construction Management and Construction Engineering programs. Summer internship allows students to experience real world applications of college curriculums. For additional information, please contact:


We offer three different types of internships here at George Reed. The Plan Evaluation and QTO internship focuses on extensive plan reading and use of AGTEK with oversight from GRI’s QTO department.  Intern will also work directly with PM’s and PE’s in establishing overall takeoff goals and needs. The OE and Contract Administration internship involves working directly with GRI’s PM’s, PE’s, and Contract Administration Team.  Intern will help facilitate the submittal process along with monthly progress billing, Internet EWB’s, and Heavy Job management. Lastly, the field engineering internship involves working directly with Agency Owners and GRI’s management team in establishing daily goals, production oversight, safety standards, and quantity / cost reporting.


Plan Evaluation and QTO

OE and Contract Administration

Field Engineering

  • Develop a thorough understanding of project plans

  • Develop a thorough understanding of project specifications

  • Develop an understanding of GRI Takeoff Software Programs AGTEK, Planswift, and Blue Beam / Adobe.

  • Establish timelines based upon individual estimators needs to ensure on time and accurate takeoffs.

  • Be able to accurately produce associated QTO Data Sheets and Cut/Fill Maps

  • ICAS certification

  • DEWR submittal Processing

  • Contract Submittal Processing

  • Rectify Billing Quantities with the use of GRI Heavy Job

  • Lane Closure submittal through LCS and other required programs

  • WPCP Reporting Requirements

  • Develop TCP’s with the use of GRI’s Rapid Plan

  • Understanding Plans

  • Understanding Scope

  • Quantity Take-Offs

  • Cost Tracking

  • Requests for Information (RFI’s)

  • Bluebeam and Excel Application


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When I started at George Reed, I knew next to nothing about the industry, but they worked with me and got me the field experience I needed. Over the past few years as an intern for George Reed I have seen the operations of paving, grading, and concrete crews, seen plant-side operations, and am currently learning the ins and outs of project management. Everyone I have worked with has been amazing and helpful from the PMs and PEs in the office, to the foremen and laborers in the field. I am extremely thankful for the opportunities George Reed have given me and look forward to working with them in the future.

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Being at George Reed as a Project Intern has helped better my understanding of different projects and project constructability. Currently, I am going more in depth in project plan reading while performing quantity takeoffs.

For more information on upcoming internship opportunities please email:
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